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Crossfire is such a technology

crossfire is such a technology that i never bothered with it, it serves no purpose other then to be able to wire 2 video cards to make 1 good one.....or you can spend 50 bucks more and get one good one that can run all the games out currently regardless, also look up sli its a much better consept
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  1. Look up spelling, grammar and punctuation before you embark on a teenage-like frenzy of idiocy.
  2. sli its a much better concept ?

    it's the same concept.

    but as for it being not as good I can agree to that up untll the 68xx cards
    which seem to scale very well
  3. I dunno, I have been pleased with my 5850's in crossfire and eyefinity. Every game I play has scaled nicely compared to a single card and I have had no issues other than having to edit some configs to get my core overclocks over 775mhz.
  4. To me SLI/XFire isn't shitty, but is only useful in very precise circumstances: upgrade path for later and really high-end gaming rig that need 2+ of the best cards right now. Getting two mid-range cards up-front rarely seems economical given the $$$ saved often go toward a much pricier MB (at least for Intel CPUs). Recently, some P55 boards supporting XFire have been available for barely ~50$ more than some others, but most SLI/XFire boards still cost a lot more.
  5. Quote:
    newbies... (OP)
    I particularly like the detailed analysis of the situation he did. His whole argumentation can be destroyed by the fact that 2x6850 will, on average, beat a single GTX580 for about 120$ less.
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    I smell troll
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