M4A78T-E Problem...

Hi everyone I build my new machine and it not boot at all. No beep, the green L.E.D. is on nothing more.

My power supply have 20 ping plug but the motherboard have 24 pins slot. i dont know if that is affecting the start up. i make a few test like remove the battery, one memory only, no memory etc.

Someone with the same problem? thanks
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  1. You'll need a 24 pin plug, that's why the system won't boot.

    BTW: how many scrapheaps did you have to look through to find a 20 pin power supply? Today even the most crappy power supplies have 24 pins.
  2. Thanks for the response, I buy everything new and the new power supply arrive tomorrow but some people say that psu with 20 pins work if you dont have a pcie videocard so i tried to boot the system.

    But is false.
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