Modem and Router confusion

Hello guys,

I have a question that I can't find an answer anywhere. My ISP gave me a really crappy thomson router/modem. I get disconected countless times, lot's of lag, etc. I play a lot of online games on my PC and PS3.
I've been meaning to get a router that's a lot better than the router/modem I have.
My question is, if my router/modem is crappy will getting a really good router be pointless? Or does the crappy router/modem I have doesn't have any effect on this?
If it does, what would u guys recommend, getting a okish modem and a really good router? Or just replacing my router/modem with a higher quality router/modem?

Thanks :)!
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    If it's the modem part of the Thomson router that's bad, then getting a better router while using the Thomson as a modem won't help. How did you determine that the Thomson router is bad? I had similar problems with my ADSL connection when the speed was too fast for the line quality. Lowering the speed resolved the issue. I have 2 modems, but the Alcatel seems to work best for me. Alcatel and Thomson probably share the same technology.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    First of all, I get lag spikes pretty often. A page will simply stop loading as if I had no connection and 10 seconds later it will resume loading. My online games get the same lag pretty often also.
    I get disconnected randomly at times and the only way to reconnect is if I reset the Thomson router.
    I'm assuming it's the router part of the device though, but I have no idea how to make further tests to see which part is wrong.

    So is there any point on getting a high end modem if I'm going to get a high end router? Or should I simply get a decent modem and the high end router I'm planning to buy? (Or even another router/modem device).

    I Use my internet mainly for online games and streaming media on my PC.

    Thanks again for your replies!
  3. Did you get your line tested for noise or other issues? If there are problems with it, it doesn't matter if you install the best modem you could find. It probably won't work much better than the Thomson you already have. Disconnections probably are caused by the modem, but a bad line or a defective component at the C.O. can also cause that issue.

    If I were you, I would start by asking my ISP to provide me with a modem that's known to work reliably and I would ask them to have my line tested and the speed decreased if it's borderline.

    By high-end router you mean something like a Cisco Pix 509?
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply, I will do what you've suggested before changing the modem. I do want another router though, this one is too basic.

    And no I didn't mean something like the Cisco Pix 509 hehe. Just meant a good router for my home, like a linksys WRT54G2 or a dlink 4100.

    Again, thank you for your suggestions :)!
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