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Have a amd 965 BE, 3,4 ghz. whants to overclock it too 3,8-4,0.

But not sure which cpu fan I should buy.

I think cooler master hyper 212 plus and corsair a70 seems like good choices.
any other suggestions in that price range? I am looking for a strong cooler and it should be quiet.

I have 6 case fans. will they really help lovering the cpu temperature? or is the cpu fan the most important factor in cooling the cpu?

Can I use normal case fans, 120mm on the cpu cooler? (if I want to add another one to the cpu cooler)

Last: I am not sure if the a 70 will fit in my case. Because I have some kind of stupid heatsink on my motherboard I imagine can be in the way of the a70. I will give u some pictures to look at so that a trained eye can judge for me.

btw I have a fractal design r3 case
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  1. generally for CPU heatsink use PWM manage in system can be monitoring, if use case fan in system not shown
  2. The 212+ is great for its price and should be fine for 3.8GHz and most likely for any overclock you will get. There are better options if you are OK to spend 1.5-3 times the price but most test results disagree with each other and most are done on Intel systems. I did some tests myself and found that the only difference in temps with 3 different 120mm fan CPU coolers (212+ included) where from the fans making me think that any of the heatsinks are above what is optimal on a 4 core Phenom II and only the fans make a difference. The single fan on the 212+ was fine to get my 140W CPU to 3.7GHz which was the most it could manage without dangerous voltage. I recommend get the 212+ and if you need a bit more cooling buy 2 identical higher CFM fans.
  3. ok, just a final question. I have a artic cooler 64 pro cpu fan now. Will the 212 perform better? because I dont want to waste my money on a similar performing cpu fan ;)

    btw they say that I can connect it to pwm fan connector?
    hmm. they say that it can run on 2200rpm, but the highest i get during load is 1200rpm
  4. Yes the 212+ will perform better
  5. You might check for their cooler reviews.
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