Need help with a p55 mobo..

I have been searching around the net these days and have come down to 3 board come to mind. I am not sure which to pick.

GIGABYTE p55m ud2

MSI p55 gd65

ASUS p7p55d

GIGABYTE p55m ud4

Of the four, I am really close to getting the p55m ud2 because of price and the feature it has. My main concern was the durability of the board. it is a mATX and does not have any heatsink on the MOSFET found in the other 3 heatsink. I was wondering if I should spend more on a motherboard that does. Any suggestion would be great as I need to build a system ASAP! Thankks!

OC and SLI/crossfire is not very important to me.
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  1. If you are planning for an overclock, then dont get the UD2...Else I dont see any drawbacks with that board...

    But you want to overclock, then the UD3R is a good option...But instead rather spend $10 more and get the UD4

    ewiz has a combo of the i5s with the above boards...
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