Why won't my mobo let me oc?

I have a gigabite EP45-UD3L. If I adjust the bios setting "cpu host clock control" the pc just shuts off. I can even keep all default bios setting the same except this one, and still no dice. Btw that setting is what allows me to adjust "CPU host frequency". It's as if the mobo falsely detects a bad oc after adjusting this setting or something...

***now the funny part is that if I use gigabyte's app to overclock within windows and restart, tada! overclocked. Now that's cheating, and gigabyte's settings can't last a second in prime95 lol!

I read around of people having similar problems with this board, but didn't see any solutions. I've also read of people with this board having no problems at all.

4 gigs no name ram
intel e5200

any other info and i'll give it to you
I won't be able to try any suggestions until tomorrow, but I'll take your suggestions and sit on em lol, thanks in advance
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  1. check :
    Baterry in mobo (batery BIOS) maybe bad, test use voltmeter
    check RAM with Software memtes86+ : http://www.memtest86.com/
    u can test your RAM overnight

    if takeoff hardware remove PSU from AC
  2. tried memtest, no name ram seems to be flawless...

    battery is a good idea, but mobo is only a few months old. will check anyway if possible

    psu from ac? not sure what ur trying to say in that last line, but I would of course unplug from outlet before resetting bios if that's what you mean

    thanks for the reply sir
  3. battery is a good idea, but mobo is only a few months old. will check anyway if possible ?

    I know ! but new in your home & long time in Shop

    check default month/date/year default your mobo maybe 2008/10/14 ? u can update Bios!
  4. oh didn't notice another reply on this, sorry. I have been able to succesfully oc with gigbyte's "easy tune" with my own settings nicely. I've gotten to 3.2 ghz, prime 95 gets it up to around 45C. Thanks scythe mugen 2 $30! I can't seem to get it any higher without blue screen though.

    But I still can't figure out why I can't oc with my bios. gigabyte is well known for their low priced oc friendly boards, and I swear by them. But I think this one is a little defective. It's obviously not physically defective. But even the newest bios aparently thinks that I'm inputing bad settings no matter what! Like I said, I can leave the fail safe defaults, and only change the setting that allows me to change the fsb (without actually changing fsb) and it won't boot. Some kind of safety mechanism gone wrong I guess.
  5. you need read again setup guide manual book your motherboard, this is sure there are reasons such as incorrect settings in auto overclock should manually if you want to overclock higher! Better way u can check all from go default (Clear CMOS). good luck
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