Q9650 + MSI P7n-Sli Fi

intel Q9650 chip - MSI P7n-sli fi board.

Alrighty im basically trying to get a little bit more from my CPU. Looking for a 3.4-3.6(id be happier with 3.6)ghz overclock

the setting im using now are

Dot Control - off
Intel Est - Off
Sys Clock Mode - Manual
Fsb clock = 1600mhz
multiplier = x9
memory clock = 800mhx
Pci-e = 100mhz
cpu voltage = +.0500 above stock (0.0000) which if im not mistaken on this board will give: 1.32v
memory voltage = 1.9v
vtt fsb = 1.3v
NB v = 1.28
Sb v = 1.5

spread spectrum - off

however whenever i try to boot i get past post but hang on the windows loading screen.

other specs
corsair dominator 4gb ram 1066mhz
win7ult 32bit
GTS250 1gb x2 SLI
500gb hd.
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  1. What CPU cooling solution are you using, the Intel provided heatsink & fan or a third party solution?

    What is the CPU temperature at idle and under full load?

    What is the DRAM Frequency? I would believe 400 MHz or 533 MHz but not the 800 MHz that you state.

    Memory timings and voltage should be set manually in the BIOS Setup Utility. Also an FSB:DRAM clock ratio of 1:1 is preferable.

    Download and run CPU-Z and check your Core Voltage to see if it is still running within spec.

    You need to run a CPU stress testing application, I usually use IntelBurnTest or Prime95, to confirm that your overclock is stable and that CPU temperatures do not exceed Intel's maximum temperature specification.
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