New gaming pc on sub $400

I've chosen to use intel e8400 (3Ghz) processor and most likely geforce 8800 video card. what mobo do you guys recommend, and what power supply?

after i get everything running correctly, i may consider overclocking in the future, so i guess i should take that in mind when choosing mobo and power supply, right?

what about ram? 800 Mhz enuff?

I mainly play non-FPS shooters (but i will play some, left4dead, re5 when it's out) and plan on doin ps2 emulation with pcsx2.

i want to keep this build cheap and simple, but i don't think i'll go anything less than an e8400 since i want my pc to be relevant for the time being, even if i have to increase my budget
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    800 MHz RAM will be enough.
    Get a nice CPU cooler also, I like the Noctua NH-U12P.
  2. Recommended motherboards: Giga G31 mATX $55 Asus G31 mATX $55 Giga P45 UD3R $115 -$15MIR Asus P45 $120 - $15MIR (xfire) Giga P45 UD3P $135 - $20MIR (xfire)

    If you can live with an mATX board then I'd take that, its the cheapest. For full size board, the UD3R is $15 cheaper than the UD3P because it doesn't support crossfire, which for you doesn't matter as you've chosen a nvidia card.

    DDR2 800: 2x2GB Corsair DDR2 800 $45 - $25MIR 2x2GB Mushkin DDR2 800 $45 - $10MIR 2x2GB G.Skill PI Black DDR2 800 $45

    I'd recommend the corsair give the price, but if you want a little bit faster the other options are good as well. Its all up to how you want allocate your budget.

    PSU: 550W PSU $80 - $40MIR OCZ 600W PSU $70 - $20MIR

    A good 400W is all you need, 450W is what the manufactuer recommends, 550W could give you the room you need for a future power hungry card, but who knows what the power requirements will be when you choose your next video card. Either option above is good, the OCZ is a better "brand" but the reviews on the Tuniq 550W were good.
  3. If your open to an AMD build: Phenom II 720 with Biostart 790GX motherboard $185 MIR 2x2GB Corsair DDR2 800 $20 MIR

    $205 after MIR

    You can upgrade to to a Phenom II 810 for $35 or the Phenom II 940 $85.
    Thats leaves whatever you want to spend on a GPU.
    You can go with a 4830/4850/4870 to leave the option for a xfire upgrade path down the road, or a GTX 260 216 core for $170.

    Given you budget this AMD build will give a significant performance advantage mainly because the cost/performance of the CPU/motherboard/RAM which frees up money to dump into the GPU.

    CPU Cooling: Artic MX-2 Thermal Compound $7 Xigma $37 - $10MIR (AMD) Xigma Dark Knight $40 (Intel),2161.html
  4. For the mobo, get this P43 mobo better than the G31s and is cheaper than the p45
    Should give you good value

    And as for the PSU, +1 for the Corsair 550...but to keep the budget down, even an Antec EA500 would be enough...
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