Low end water cooling setup?

Alright, I'm running a I7 930 on an ASUS P6T mobo and in a HAF 932 case.
I want to upgrade to water cooling, as I'm currently using a HYPER n520
I managed to pull off a 3.6 clock, but it nears temps of 90C load at this clock (45-50 idle) , and not even after extensive testing using PRIME 95.
I'm not very familiar with water cooling, but I would like to be able to pull a 4.0 GHZ clock on my system. Don't think I'll do any GPU water cooling down the line, but I may be interested in it.
I plan on getting the GTX 570 relatively soon.

I've been doing research , and I've gathered that just about any water-cooling all-in-one package is usually crap, and the H50 or any knock off is essentially bull****.

So , here is my question, what would be a good water cooling set up for around 100-150 USD?
Well, I know nothing will be good per say at that price range, but what is the best I could do with that? I would be willing to go higher near 200, but I would prefer to avoid that.
I was looking at this, but to be honest I can't find many retailers and scant reviews on it.


Any suggestions?
I don't need to go all-out. Just something entry level to a modest water cooling set up at best. Not really too worried about installation as I'm sure I will be able to figure it out.
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  1. the only thing in this ball park is RASA;
    it is nice entry level LC kit,something to get you started or this ;
    all you need to add is tubing of your choice,good thermal paste,(distilled water+PT NUKE)

    some links for you;
    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forum [...] p?t=202394
  2. ^Yeah, the Rasa kit would be a much better alternative than that Larkooler piece of crap. It's basically a Thermaltake Bigwater in disguise from the looks and specs. You'd be better off spending your money on a good air cooler, a nice juicy steak and a 6-pack of suds to accompany you with the install.

    Either the Rasa with the 220 or the 320 radiator would do very well...there are many people raving about that kit. A few have noted some pump issues, but they have been questionable as far as user-error or setup. Either way, Rasa has been apparently quite good at replacing pumps if it happens to be bad. (I have only read a handful of people who have had this issue...a vast majority haven't had a single issue.)

    That kit would also be fine if you DID add a GPU to the loop...you'd only have to assess your radiator/fan situation and adjust accordingly.
  3. Yep that pump is the only questionable part of the kit but still XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 CPU is worth the money..RX360 is like 85$+rasa cpu block 50$ and 55$ for pump/res/fittings/fans/etc,you can't beat that
  4. Yep...and it's sporadic from what I have seen...and difficult to tell if it's more operator error, than actual pump failures...

    New folks don't realize how bad it is to run a pump dry...and from some of the installs I've read about...many have let that happen during filling/purging.
  5. Yeah that seems like a good deal, Thanks guys.
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