How to install windows xp in core I3 processor

i have a new HP laptop which i want to use with Autocad2008 but refused to install, so i need to remove the windows 7 and install windows xp
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  1. Have you tried running the program in compatability mode?
    Take a look here for some help
    After that you should be set with running it on Win 7.

    As far as installing XP on the laptop:

    You need an XP disk, SP3 is best or you will probably get errors about the hard-drive not being found due to SATA driver issues. With a vialid license ofcourse

    Get the drivers for your model from HPs website

    Install XP by booting off the optical drive, follow prompts.

    If you really want to run XP on the system, I suggest you buy a new hard-drive to install XP on, and put aside your Win 7 one for later use or if the XP setup fails, as it may since your hardware may not work with XP.
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