Problem xfx nforce 790i ultra SLI

hey i have a problem when i turn on my computer it just say a strange sounds like biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib
and the screen is black I think self that it is a cable that not sit right but i don't know which cable it is so plz help me
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  1. my spec is

    motherboard: nforce 790i ultra SLI
    CPU: intel quad core q9650
    GPU:zotac gtx 295
    Power supply: ocz gamexstream 700 watt
    RAM: ocz 4gb ddr3 2000 mhz
  2. so plz help me I need some help i have use meny money on this gaming rig
  3. does your board have a 2 digit display that throws codes?
  4. yea
  5. what is that display showing? anything?
  6. it show f6 on it
  7. and what do it mean ?
  8. that is most likely memory. take it down to one stick of RAM and manually set the voltage required for your RAM kit. the nforce boards default to a lower setting then required for most kits.
  9. i have take one out and turn the computer on but it still say the biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib sound and the display f6
  10. hmm..try moving the RAM to the slot furthest from the CPU.
    do you have that video card seat real good? if so, do you have a test card just to rule it out?
  11. hey i know is there a special way how the ram have to be
  12. well mine works in either channel set so that shouldnt be an issue unless you have a bad memory slot. have you tried both sticks, one at a time to rule out a bad sitck of RAM?
  13. I solved the problem thx :D man you are greate
  14. what was it?
  15. try moving the RAM to the slot
  16. cool! glad your in business.
  17. it do not make the biiiib sound but show black screen and the display say 08
  18. the screen says 08 or the error display?
  19. error display
  20. you may want to take a peek here martin:

    sounds very familiar.
  21. plz what is a arror code 08
  22. The owners manual that came with the board should all the codes in it.
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