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Hi im building a pc and have decided that i would like to run my os on a ssd drive. i have heard that there are some things i have to do differently then a hdd. (moving pagefiles and something about win7 installation are two) so what im asking is what are some things to keeping mind while im setting this up. it is a 32gb ssd and i will have a internal 320gb hdd and an external 1.5tb drive to go along with it. if this has already been ask just post a link... i suck at using search :sarcastic:
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  1. however i was just thinking i am on a budget so is it even worth it to get something so small
  2. sharpbrick said:
    however i was just thinking i am on a budget so is it even worth it to get something so small

    Well, that certainly is a smaller drive but you could make it work. I do think it is worth it, even if the only thing on the drive is windows. Your system will be much more responsive. I've seen 60GB drives approaching $100, the larger capacity also means typically faster performance. If you can swing it, thats what I would go for.

    Anyway, you could do a Win 7 lite installation, but that is a bit of a hassle if you ask me.
    Typical install for 64bit is 20GB. Now you can get rid of your page file if you have enough ram, but I moved mine to my data drive. That saved 6 GB. You can save even more by disabling system restore. Then there is the UAC, which I find annoying but others find helpful.
    Point is, I got my WIN7 down to about 10gigs so I was able to install a few other apps on my 40gig SSD.
    Alot of folks will say that an SSD will perform at its best at 50% capacity, but I run about 3/4 full and haven't had much degradation.

    I advise you to get a drive with trim capability.
  3. I had a 32 GB PS-100 and fuond it very hard to manage programs. All games and big programs had to be installed on a HDD which means they lose all benefits of an SSD. So I upgraded to a 60 GB and its perfect. The only thing I install on the HDD is Steam and all Steam games, and all my music and movies are on there. I have my main games like Crysis and HAWX on the SSD along with Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc.
  4. @OP:

    1. What SSD? Price?

    2. Personally, I wouldn't go below a 60GB. 40GB would be the absolute minimum I would go down to.

    3. Post rest of the specs for the system. If the HDD isn't a bottleneck you are better off spending the money on a better CPU,etc.
  5. ya this is going to be an upgrade from my old pc. it is going to have a i5 quad 2.8, 4gb ddr3 1600, AMD hd6870
    and the drive i was thinking of was a Corsair Nova CSSD-V32GB2-BRKT 2.5" 32GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
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    Don't get the Nova. It is a pretty cr@ppy drive for boot/OS (as far as SSDs goes). The 4K random write/write $ucks.

    Here are the benches for the 128GB Nova:

    Since the 128GB is basically 2x64GB in internal RAID, your 32/64GB Nova will be a bit worse.

    Imo, spend a bit more and grab the 60GB Vertex 2:
    $105 after MIR.
  7. thanks
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