Will this psu supply enough power (and do it well) for my pc


I just bought a his radeon hd 4870... and that psu.

will that psu be enough power to handle:

amd phenom II x2 be 550 oc 3.7ghz
4gb 800 ddr2
250gb hdd
1 dvd drive
asus m4a78 plus mobo


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  1. Yes... BUT I won't get a Rosewill! I recommend either a Corsair, PC Power&Cooling, Antec or OCZ PSU. Don't trust your new system to a lesser PSU. The PSU is the last thing you want to get keep.
  2. Try it. Newegg gives you 30 days to return it with a restocking fee. Rather than pay the shipping and restocking fee now, if it goes out, it will be cheaper to wait and send it in for an rma later.
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