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I have a P5AD2-E Deluxe motherboard with a Intel P4 775 3GHz processor, both were bought in September 2005.

During the last week, when I switch on the desktop PC I can heard the error sound: "System failed CPU test" and the computer doesn't boot. I have tried to:
_ re-seated the processor
_ reset BIOS
_ check the PSU in other system
_ boot the system with the MB, processor and PSU

, but the error is not still fixed. I have read something about problems with a solder of the heatsink in older MB but I am not sure this is the case.

Could you tell me have can I solve this problem?
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  1. Do you have the right bios version for your processor?
  2. hello my name is steve i was trying to boot my step dad's pc it has a asus mother board like above when i boot it up i can't enter bios at all monitor doesn't come on and all you hear is system failed cpu test. could it possibly be not enough flux between the processor and heat sink does anybody have any experience in this not a big fan of asus planer boards thats why not to fimilar with them. if any suggestions or answers to this situation could you please email me at with answer or suggestions so i can see how to deal with situation. It almost seams to be in best intrests to rip out planer board and cpu and put both new ones in. once again if anybody has any information on this type of situation please let me know what im dealing with here thank you.
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