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I've currently got a windows 32bit OS. The CD only has 32bit software on it. As I've rebuilt my system I would like to format and install 64bit. I have a genuine key but as I said only 32bit software. Is there anyway round this? i.e legit download etc
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  1. Hi,

    Same key is valid for x64 as well. U need to do clean install. Most software(95%) works on x64 too. If not, u can use compatibility mode.
  2. thanks nikorr but can I downloadthe 64bit for free if i have the key or do i have to pay for a new disc. because i only have the 32bit software on the disc I own. It win7 professional if that makes any difference
  3. What version u have? Full or upgrade, OEM or retail?
  4. Hi sorry for the delay replying been working away but just downloaded the iso formatted and successfully installed windows 64bit. All seems to be running ok. Nikorr your an absolute star thank you :D
  5. Glad to help.
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