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Hi Im pretty new to this hdmi thing but i recently bought a hdmi cable, and i want to use it for my computer. I plug in the hdmi cable to my graphics cards thru dvi and the picture is pretty bad. Before i used vga to my tv and it was like perfect picture. now with the hdmi cable to my tv, its pretty bad quality not sharp at all. did this on my laptop too and no luck bad picture. Is there anything i can do to make the picture a lot better? any one had this problem before?
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  1. You should let us know which TV and Graphic card you are using, the resolution settings and possibly any other computer parts that may help us answer your question.

    I've plugged my computer via a DVI to HDMI converter, and a high quality HDMI cable to a SOny Bravia S series, 1080p, in order to test the theory. Perfect image. But then I bought a Sharp Aquos 1080p once I was confident that it was a good move, but the image was terrible compared to my monitor. I did a lot of tampering with the TV settings and finally got it up to par with the monitor a couple of days later.

    Here are some smalls tips I can begin with for now. First make sure the TV itself is running the image pixel per pixel and not in any zoom mode or automatic cropping modes. Make sure you video card can output a digital 1920x1080 resolution or greater. If so, put the resolution in 1920x1080 mode (if your TV is 1080p that is), make sure your video card drivers are updated as well.

    Can you describe to us what was wrong with the picture? Colours, size, distortion, static?
  2. I'm using DVI to HDMI and running a Sony Bravia 42" LCD and the image is perfect. It sounds like an issue with your video card or TV settings. Maybe the resolution settings. Have you looked at your video card control pannel? Some cards have a display setup wizard.
  3. Well I had a similar experience with my uncle's Sony Bravia 42" LCD. It was only 1080i though, but when I plugged it in thru HDMI the quality was horrible. Maybe it was something to do with the TV?
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