Getting game errors with a minor Overclock on CPU 2.8 to 3.01 ghz

I"ll start with my system

asus p7p55d-e pro
1600mhz ddr3 dual channel
ati hd radeon 6850
i5 760

I overclocked my i5 760 through the bios with BLCK increase from 133 to 143 *has a 21 multiplier. Resulted in 3.0ghz

My temps were only 5 degres more than without the oc *full load* right around 65 degrees.

The error that i am getting is, when i play wow while oc'd i run into issues when i try to alt+tab out or use the windows key, the game will freeze, but the os will still run fine, so i have to kill the application.

I double checked to make sure that the oc is the problem by reverting to 133 mhz, tried wow without error, went back to 143 mhz got same error, then went back to 133 BLCK
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  1. Do you ever check your OC with Software Test Stability ??
  2. Agreed. ^^^

    Did you ever stress test your OC with prime95 or OCCT or did you just overclock and hope it was stable?
  3. Test it with Prime95.
    Maybe you want to raising the VCore just a little, see if the errors are still there or not...
  4. +5C is too much for a 10MHz increase. Are you using the stock cooler? If so you shouldn't OC.
  5. You can OC with stock coolers, just no where near as far. Not all stock coolers are shite, depends on the chip.
  6. I got cooler master hyper 212 plus, and now i'm just fine :D
  7. good ... test !
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