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the 275 gtx has support for open gl 3.0 and 24 more shaders then the 260 core i am considering to buy.
is the 70 dollars worth it?
how important will 3.0 be in future games? such as d3 and sc2 for example
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  1. Am i wrong in saying that its not worth it? can overclock the gtx 260 right up to the default clocks of the 275 and the 275 only out runs the 260 by a small margin...
  2. directx has a strangle hold on modern gaming. OpenGL 3.0 has just been passed after years of deliberation. chances are OpenGL has more importance in the professional 3D arena than in the mainstream gaming arena.
  3. Looking at the games that are available now, and that will be available in a year I would say no also. even a 9800gt can play crysis on mostly high and by the time the next super title hits it'll be time for a new card anyways.

    But from a pure performance stand point I would say yes. even if the gtx 260 core 216 OC will match a gtx 275, you can always OC the gtx 275 as well. IMO for the money the ATI 4890 takes the cake with a full 1GB of ram and higher OC potential from what I hear.
  4. thanks for ur replys!
    u see im building an i7 system and as such it will last me a long time
    just like my last rig i buillt sli 3500+ amd 6600gts 1 gig ram ddr 400 lawl
    well my hard drive is diein and i cant use my xp disc anymore its alittle scratch on it making it useless :(
    soo i have to have a complete system upgrade anyway to play games decently for the next few years
    that is why i was considering the 275 in the longer run perhaps if its cheap down the road.. sli..of either the 260 or the 275 whatever i end up gettin
    ty again
    btw i do have a digi cam i use corel x2 with
    10 megapixel dslr if that matters
  5. btw the msi oc3 board 260 gtx looks good to me.. but i cant find any reviews of it lol
    anyone got it/ opinions?
  6. Given what nvidia been doing to their cards lately. I wouldn't bet on SLI if you don't plan to buy the card within a year. I have a 8800gt 1GB that I can't find a card to SLI with because they rebaged them twice. niether the 9800gt or gts 250 (both based on the same card) are compatible from what I hear. just my 2 cents on the matter.
  7. yah thats very true thanks
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