Please help new video card

Ok hear is the question i have been useing an 7950gx2 for some time now i want to upgrade my video card, I have a new power supply hear are the specs

Coolmax 500watt power supply..

+3.3V@21A; +5V@22A; +12V1@17A; +12V2@17A; +12V3@12A; -12V@0.5A; +5VSB@2.5A

now willa 9800gtx+ superlclocked run on this power supply :fou:
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  1. It should, but it may depend on how many other components are in the system.

    Go here and fill it out completely for a total wattage estimate. Keep in mind, you'll likely come up far below the 500W max output of that power supply. However, you'll hopefully end up with an estimate around 250 or below. That would ensure there's little to no stress on the PSU under load. No stress under load prolongs the life of the PSU, and with it, all connected components.

    Personally, I think Coolmax has gone down in quality over the years. Similarly powered units from Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, SeaSonic, and a few others typically offer better performance and quality.
  2. Yeah, no problems. You should be fine with even 30Amps.
    And if you have 6HDDS, 3 Optical Drivers, 10 fans, that might be a different story.
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