Computer Stuck at Verifying Dmi pool data........sometimes

My computer has been doing this for a few weeks now and i dont know what to do, my computer will be stuck a verifying dmi pool data...... and after about 40-50+ restarts it will finally boot up. few facts see if you guys got any idea what could be the problem.

Windows 7 rc
Amd phenom x2 810
4 Gb - Gskill
500Gb Western Digital HDD sata WD5000AAKS
Hd 4850

Hard drive 2 partitions ( been that way for a while)
Bios sees the hard drive fine but gets stuck at dmi pool data when trying to boot.
when i try to do a windows install it doesn't detect HDD.
Have hard drive set under 1st boot device(says actual model WD5000AAKS). but it doesn't show up when i try to select "Hard Disk Boot Priority"

if any more info is needed let me know , only problem i can think of is maybe a bad hard disk?

Ohh i forgot to add , i can usually see this coming cause when i boot up it has a longer then normal delay on the AHCI Drive Init Screen .. my drives show up but it gets stuck . When my PC was working normally it would only stay on this screen 2-3 sec then it proceeds to boot.
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  1. Bump. I'm also running Windows 7 and get frozen at Verifying DMI pool data. My computer worked for a few restarts and then this...
  2. what mobo are you using?
    and what's the speed of your memory?
  3. i have almost the same issue but i cant go into the bios because i freezes and my windows disc wont work to boot from and i cant even get past the Verifiying DMI Pool Data screen no matter how many times i restart

    :edit - i just now cleared the CMOS and the computer booted right up
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