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I recently brought a Western Digital Essential Passport SE 1TB USB3.0 Portable drive (WDBACX0010BBK) and hope someone can answer my questions. I plugged the drive to my computer using the USB3.0 connection cable came along but somehow the transfer rate is only at between from 40Mps - 70Mps. I thought the USB3.0 transfer rate should be around 5Gps (or equals to 600Mps). I even updated both motherboard and WD passport too, but don't seem to make any changes at all. Does anyone have this same problem? Please help thanks!
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  1. Do you have a USB 3 header on your computer? You will need
    1) the USB 3 device
    2) the USB 3 cable
    3) the USB 3 port on your computer.
  2. 1) I have the Asus P6x58D Premium motherboard that comes with two USB3.0 ports
    2) I use the cable comes with WD and labeled 3.0 or 2.0.
    3) I plug directly to the ports on the motherboard.
  3. Just to be clear as your motherboard has 6 usb headers, 4 usb2 and 2 usb3 headers. You are pluging into the usb headers that are closest to your mouse/keyboard plugs on the back of the board left side.
  4. Yes, I plugged to the one labeled blue USB3.0 from the back of the case. The average transfer rate for that 44Mps – 70Mps. I even tried on the USB2.0 and it transfers only at 27Mps. I don’t even know if the drive is damaged or defects. Does anyone have this kind of problem or am I missing something?
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    I would say that is a hard drive speed limitation. Please check tomshardware 2.5'' Hard Drive speed Chart.
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  7. Hi, guys
    I got a problem with WD my sport external hard drive. it make noise and won't open :( I just use this only 8 months. My old one still works well. I really sad on this. I email to their company service but the cost expensive than I bought it. it's ridiculous. Isn't it?

    this others guys who has problem like my case,

    Thanks to give me space
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