New Home Build - i7 920 GTX 285

For this system, Mostly it's going to be used for gaming, anywhere from Unreal Tournament 3 to COD5 and FSX to Age of Empires. And also The Orange Box to Empire Total War to Crysis to CS:SOURCE.

I live in Victoria, Australia, so no NewEgg Prices please.

Any good advice will certainly come in handy

PC Build - Official -

CPU - i7 920 (MSY) (Going to Overclock) = $449

GPU - 1GB GTX285 XFX (MSY) = $622

RAM - 6B KIT DDR3 1600 G. Skill-NQ (MSY) = $209

Motherboard - G-B EX58 Extreme (MSY) = $519

Case - Thermaltake Xaser VI Black/Red Full Tower Case - Side Window (No PSU) (Centrecom) = $333.30

Power Supply - Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W Power Supply (MSY) = $327

HDD - W.D SATA 1TB + 500GB (MSY) = $155 + $103 = $258

Sound Card - Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1 Cinema (MSY) = $143

Cooling - Noctua NH-U12P SE 1366 Performance CPU Cooler - Special Edition for Intel Core i7 (Centrecom) = $103.40

Optical Drive - Pioneer Retail SATA Blu-Ray Writer + Retail SATA DVD-RW (MSY) = $295 + 35 = $330

Speakers - Logitech Z-5500 THX (MSY) = $399

Monitor - 26” ASUS VK266H 2ms Full HD DVI SPK CAM WS (MSY) = $589

Keyboard - Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard (Centrecom) = $129.80

Mouse - Razer Lachesis Precision 3G Blue Laser Mouse (Centrecom) = $136.40

Mousemat - Razer Goliathus Mousemat (Standard) - Control Version (MSY) - $24.20

OS - OEM MS 64 bit Vista Home Premium (MSY) = $183

Total = $4755.10

Edit: I'll Be buying from and

Prices are expensive aren't they :(
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  1. Well can you get any online website link from where you will be buying or any other AUS website so that we can get an idea...
  2. Do you really need a sound card, on board is still good and it will save you money.
    if you want to save money maybe wait until latter to get Blu-Ray, are you even going to use it. Check out they have combo deals so you might be able to save money there.
  3. MSY looks derro
  4. setup RAID on that processor or you will be waiting for you hardrive all the time! Dont get sound card or blue ray drive and get a i7 940 instead.
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