Cheap PSU for my 2ndary rig

Hi there,
I need a cheap PSU for my 2ndary rig.

I currently have a Dell 305watt PSU w/ 18 amps on 12v rails in it, and am not sure if these upgrades will be any improvement.

1. Thermaltake 430 watt with 18amps on 12v rails

2. Inland 750watt PSU with 4x18amps on 12v rails
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  1. Why do you need another psu?
    Does the Dell 305 still work?
    Is it a standard ATX system or a Dell proprietary (wired differently) system?
  2. Antec EA series.
  3. 1) No model numbers, so have to go by what you said. The Thermaltake has a higher power rating, but apparently not on the 12V rails?

    2) Googling Inland 750W yields zero results. Assuming it works, it is more powerful :)

    But you already know these things.

    3) Neither may work in your Dell, depending on which one it is. Who knows?
  4. 1. My dell PSU is in another system...I removed it from my original dell so now it's in a regular ATX case.

    2. I've never heard of Inland PSUs either...I thought they only made headphones. But I saw one of their 750 watt PSUs for $40 on sale (clearance) at my local microcenter...I was like wtf

    3. How affordable is Antec EA? I need something dirt cheap, ie. < $40
  5. - Antec EWs are running $60 at Newegg now . . . we must be sending too many folks over there lol.

    - If I were going to take a chance on off-brand, it'd proll be this $27, 485W from Hec who makes psu's for others and (I believe) a google might find some good stuff about them:

    Dunno if it meets your other specs, I didn't look. Total 12V shd be plenty.
  6. Twoboxer said:

    350 watts max at 35c, it just goes down from there
    >75%, yeah 75.1 at just the right load
    no warranty mentioned

    You can get the EA380 on fleabay for $39
    380w max at 50c
    > 80%, guaranteed
    3 year warranty
    5 amps more 12v power than the Dell and a 6 pin pcie connector for future upgrades
  7. Corsair CX400 is another good choice.
  8. k thxs. So all of those would be better than a Dell PSU with 18amps?

    I think that Dell is really a 400watt, not a 305watt that it claims.
  9. From the beginning we don't know what you want, so its impossible to say what is "better". All we can think is maybe its unnecessary.

    Why do you need a new psu? What isn't the Dell psu doing for you?
  10. Mainly to upgrade the GPU to a 4830 or 4850, whatever is cheaper. And to be able to OC the CPU more and maybe add in some more HDD.
  11. Bluescreendeath said:
    Mainly to upgrade the GPU to a 4830 or 4850, whatever is cheaper.

    Go with 4770, it uses less power than both of those.
  12. I guess this is the least expensive (Newegg) one I would buy - mfg site spec sheet shows 30A on the single 12V rail, 82% eff, rating @ 40C.

    Only "drawback" is 3 SATA on one cable. May need an adapter depending on case.
  13. theAnimal said:
    Go with 4770, it uses less power than both of those.

    The problem is that the 4770 seems to hover around $110-120 and seems to be out of stock half the time.

    I can get a 4830 for $70, and a 4850 for $80-90

    that seems to be a pretty decent PSU. But at my local store, I can get OCZ 600watts for the same price. Although that PSU seems to be under rated if it has 27amps on a single 12v rail.
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