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Best motherboard for Athlon II X4 620 (budget build)

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September 17, 2009 8:15:06 AM

What mobo would you recommend for Athlon II X4 620?

I need something cheap with OC'ing possibilities. I won't play games on it so onboard graphic would be great for start. Later on I will buy something better.

I found something like this but it looks like I need to use 1.5v ram for it. Is it worth to go for ddr3 in a budget build?

Another one is

I also have a question which is not related to the motherboard. What are the risks of buying cheap power supply like this: What ps would you recommend?

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a b V Motherboard
September 17, 2009 8:30:09 AM

Both are good options...Go by brand preference...And I dont think that 1.5v would matter much...You can use DDR3 RAM rated till 1.65v with these mobos...

And as for DDR3, they are the future...they will slowly phase out the DDR2...But if you are kind of person who upgrade the PC on a whole, then going with DDR2/ DDR3 wont matter...But if you have DDR3, they can be reused incase you decide to upgrade...

And as for that PSU, I would stay away from that...Even though it would work for your setup but wont be efficient and wont last long...
Antec EA 380 or Corsair 400CX would be a good choice...But if you able to find cheaper Seasonic 300W PSUs, they would be fine too...
September 17, 2009 8:51:12 AM

Thanks a lot gkay09 for a quick respond.

Would 300w ps be enough? As I said I won't play games on it but I have a full hd camcorder and all my videos are in AVCHD format. Would onboard vga allow me to watch it without problems?

Also I want to convert them to dvd (or divx) and I thought that proper graphic card would help a lot. Would 300w be enough to add it?

Except this I will be using this pc for webdesign/dev tasks (including Visual studio) which means a lot of multitasking - that's why I decided to this budget quad.

What about this 2:
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a b V Motherboard
September 17, 2009 9:11:24 AM

Those cases are OK but the PSUs that come with it are not that good...

I feel this would be better suitable...Just 3GBP more than that 460W combo but this comes with that Antec 380W PSU that I had linked and both the case and PSU are of high quality...
Antec NSK 4480II Black/Silver ATX MiniTower Case - With 380W PSU

And as for the onboard, it would have no issues with 1080p playback...

And if you decide to add separate graphics card, this PSU can easily handle upto HD 4850...

And that X4 is a good choice...
September 18, 2009 8:13:40 AM

gkay09, thanks again for advice - I will definitely go for the combo you recommended

Here's my initial shopping list:

Case+PSU: Antec NSK 4480II Black/Silver ATX MiniTower Case - With 380W PSU £62.7077.7

CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 620 £77.70

MOBO: Asus M4A785TD-V EVO £69.80

HDD: Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB £55.75


Well here I'm not sure. When am I restricted to low voltage (1.5v) ram?

Is this one ok?: (1.8v ?)
or maybe:

The above build would cost about £325 which I think is not bad for a quad core pc.

zipzoomflyhigh, from what I found they overclock really nice: (this is 630)

I can't wait to give it a try. Tomorrow I'm going on holiday but just after that I will order it and post the results.
a b V Motherboard
September 18, 2009 8:36:29 AM

^ Thats a good setup there...
Take a look at this HDD - Samsung F3 - Its the latest one with 2 Platter design...So it should be more efficient and would also be faster...

As for RAM, get the GSkillz...
But I dont think there would be any issues running that 1.8v RAM because there is no Voltage limit set by AMD unlike Intel for their i7 CPUs...