XFX x58i BIOS V.1.3 reverting to default settings

Hi everyone, I've been searching countless hours online due to my problem with my Xfx x58i motherboard BIOS issue. About two weeks ago I finally flashed my BIOS to version 1.3 using a cd and everything seemed to be running fine until I shut off my comp. When I booted it up it gave me the following:"CMOS checksum bad" error and it reverts back to default settings and I have to press "F1" to continue and it loses all my overclock settings.
From then on every time I shut down my comp for more than one hour, it gives me the same error. It is beyong fustrating :fou: since I can't keep any of my settings intact if I shut down the comp.I built my rig around 7-8 months ago and I have never had this or any problem before I flashed to the current BIOS, even with overclocked settings (took me awhile to find the memory oc and timings sweet spots but that was not a problem).
Like how I stated before I googled my brains out regardig this problem. Anyone out there has any kind of info or solution it would be greatly appreciated ;) ! Here are my current Comp specs in default settings:

Xfx x58i MB BIOS Vr.1.3
Intel i7 965 watercooled
G-Skill Perfect Storm DD3-2000 2048MBx3 CL 9-9-9-24
EVGA 285GTX Watercooled
Seagate 1.5TB
PSU Ultra 1600 watt PSU

(If you need any additional info please let me know!)
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  1. Try clearing the bios.
    Try replacing the battery.
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