LG W2442PA-BF and Ati Radeon Xpress 1270 HDMI problems

Hi gents,

wondering if you can help me.

I have an MSI notebook with Ati Radeon Xpress 1270 (RGB and HDMI output). I recently bought a 24" LG W2442PA-BF which also has the HDMI option (RGB/DVI also).

1. When I tried to connect the LCD with an RGB cable, somehow the interference from the Notebook's power source gets through and distorts the image slightly (horizontal interference). I tried a different and bigger RGB cable, which mitigated it, but it did not disappear.

2. When I tried a HDMI cable (not shipped with the LCD), bought in a store (and it was not an expensive one, but I think a regular standard), the monitor behaves strangely. Sometines the screen goes black and then back and a few times the monitor also shut to the "HDMI Power Saving Mode".

Do you know what could cause this?
I am suspecting the graphics card (with HDMI) and possibly the Notebook's power source (with RGB), but would be glad for any help.

And additionaly - would byuing a different LCD (Samsung/iiYama) of the same size help in any way, or would this graphics card have any problems with it?

(To add I have the latest drivers for the graphic card).
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  1. I have the same display and same problem on GForce 6800 gs (using dvi connector ) I found it starts always when power saving starts in windows ( I was never able to wakeup the display). So I "solved" it by completelly turning off the powersaving in windows setings.
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