NDA's ?

Ok well simply i was wondering if NDA's have a set time when they are lifted or is it just a case of when the compant in question wants to lift it ?
Just seems strange that new tec dosent get enough time in my opinion to get demand up before release.
I would have thought that getting reviews out there to wet the apetite of buyers would be good.

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  1. Sometimes companies don't want to get demand up for something new, because they want to sell their stockpile of old goods first. Releasing a new product tends to devalue its predecessor.
  2. For press/review NDAs, they often have "expiration dates" as they still want the reviews out (that is why they gave access to the product in the first place). However, many NDAs are "forever", such as the ones you sign as part of many tech jobs. They don't want strategic/technological information to be released or it could be bad for their business.
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