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Hi guys,

My mainboard is Asus Maximus Extreme and at the moment i have basic Supertalent ddr3 ram. Two of them stopped working so now I am going to buy 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair TwinX XMS3 DDR3 PC1333 Memory and take out the other 2 out.

In mainboard I have 4 slots (2 and 2). I had 4 slots with 4 chips of supertalent. Now I only need to slots.
Would there be a difference on where to place the 2 chips Corsair anywhere in the 4 slots?

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  1. Why do you not just RMA your existing Supertalent RAM and save some cash?

    For your question, the RAM channels are color coded.
    Put the pair of sticks in either the Blue or White RAM slots so they will run in Dual Channel mode.
  2. Ohhh that is very helpful thank you perfect :)

    Problem with the supertalent is that they are not 100% compatible I think. I just had many problems this last 2 months. First the graphics started getting gibberishy and changed VGA. Then after I installed latest bios the monitor would not switch on and stay *no signal* then I pulled out 2 Supertalent chips out it worked fine.

    Now the strange thing is that the RAM has been taken the tech shop and they worked perfect there! My friend and I bought the same PC perfectly identical at the same day and had many problems, the technician found incompatibility with his mainboard and ram.

    My PC is going to be taken to the tech shop today for further testing. Pray for me I really needed before I throw the pc out of the window!!
  3. Is the Supertalent Ram included on the Mobo's qualified vendor list?? The QVL should always be checked before buying memory.
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