Which 2TB Green storage drive should I get?

I want a good combination of performance (ripping DVDs to this harddrive) and quietness. So I'm asking the community which 2TB green harddrive I should get.
I would like the price to be below £80. So that doesn't really have a bearing at this point on any of the four options as they are all within £5 of each other.
A bit pedantic, but if the one that has the lowest noise levels and highest performance in writing VOBS to it is also has the least power consuming that would be a real bonus.

So far I've looked at one 1TB+ review/comparison/roundup on Xbitlabs, but that was from 2009 and only had the LP 2TB and I believe an older Caviar Green 2TB, as well as a few other 2TB drives which would be too expensive. I'd also checked SPCR for some noise comparisons, but haven't matched up the numbers I saw to any of these drives yet.

So I would also be grateful for some links to good reviews of any of these drives to help make my mind up, if you know of any.

Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB WD20EARS £73
Seagata Barracuda LP 2TB ST32000542AS £74
Samsung Spinpoint F3EG EcoGreen HD203WI £75
Samsung SpinPoint F4EG EcoGreen HD204UI/Z4 £70
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  1. Samsung F4 has my vote, but you do need modern Windows (Vista SP1 or later) - these disks don't work well with WinXP and WHS V1 as they do not align partitions correctly.

    Windows 7 should be fine and despite many talk about the "advanced format" 4K sector size, you shouldn't have any issues with this disk. It's (one of) the fastest 5400rpm disk on the planet.
  2. Thanks for the post sub mesa. Yea I'm running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

    P.S. Sorry about the html garbage in the poll section, unfortunately I can't edit it to make it look better.
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