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Hello everyone, I am in search for a new HD for my Laptop. There not allot of stuff i do on this laptop so i think speed would be GREAT for it!! This laptop accept a ATA HD but in the SSD category, there isn't a ATA.... so can someone point me out to which kind I need to be looking at?

Thank you,

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  1. you are looking for is probably SATA, which is serial ATA.

    what laptop do you have?

    What sort of budget do you have? do you have more than one HDD bay?

    the best option is a small SSD for windows and your most used files, and then a larger mechanical drive for storage. If money isn't an object, a kingston V+ series 512gb drive would be nice though...
  2. Wait for the newly introduced SSDs available soon, like SF-2000 and Intel G3. Prices will drop as well; so buying SSD now may not be the best time at all; we're just at the doorsteps of the third generation era.
  3. ^ Agreed. Wait until January/February for the G3/SF 2xxx or at leaset wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday for some good deals.
  4. There are 2 ATA types, PATA (the old IDE) and SATA. Most all laptops for the Past several years have used SATA. BUT VERIFY. Just google current model, or pull and look at type of Connection.

    Comments regarding SATA SSD are all valid. You would get a big boost even with a mid range SSD. Of coarse the New Vertex-2 and Others with the SF-1200 Controller are great and the newer ones coming out will be even better.

    Not nowing the Laptop specs, you may not acheive the rated specs from the newer SSDs - BUT the Newer SSDs will drive the price of the Mid level SSD down. Shadows suggestion of waiting for "Black Friday" sales is a good point.

    Stay away from the cheaper "V" for value series as their 4 K writes are not much better than a good Mechanical HDD.

    If by chance you have a PATA connection, your choices are very Limited. ie
  5. My laptop is a HP DV9815nr; it has 2 HD bays and yes its a serial ATA. I would love to get a 500+GB HD for this laptop but i can't justify anything past 100GB or even 60GB. This laptop is just used for basic internet and i won't be putting no big program on this at all. I just built a desktop for myself where i will suit my needs for years down the road, and of course upgrading it along the way... :)

    The connecters of my HD is the kind that drops in to the slot. it looks like forks.

    since sub mesa, shadow and retiredchief is stating that it is best if i wait to buy till later due to the next model is coming out soon and will drive the prices of the current one down is a good thing to know. and i will keep my eye open for black friday deals.

    I have been looking at the OZ brand allot and i think that might be a good one to go with or is it just over rated from what i have been hearing?

    what i am looking for: 60 - 80 GB SSD

    Goal: run the SSD as my main HD for boot and basic programs and to reformat my current 250GB HD as a secondary HD for any bigger programs.

    Thank you,

  6. A 60 gig should be an excellent choice for your intended needs.
    I just checked my laptop, currently only using 15 gigs with Win 7 and Office 2007 installed. Hibernation was disabled (part of normal tweeks for SSD.
    My desktop is under 40 gigs. (not a gamer so no games loaded, But do have a fair number of applications)

    60 Gig
    OCZ -2 only $20 more than previous generation), G-skill Pro (NOT NON_PRO ver) and corsair Force are all great choices.

    80 Gig
    NOT COST effective, Good choice is the INTEL (lower performance compared to newer SF-1200 Controller SSDs) and Corsair Force

    100 Gig, Not much more than the 80 Gig SSds. Same brands as I listed for the 60 Gig SSds.
  7. thank for that RetiredCheif, now i just need to know what type of connector i need for it.
  8. Quote:

    Stay away from the cheaper "V" for value series as their 4 K writes are not much better than a good Mechanical HDD.

    +1. I can't stress this enough. Most of these low cost SSDs you find (ie Onyx,etc) are not much better than Velociraptors,etc. Also be careful when buying as some places still sell these cr@ppy JMicron based cr@p. Even with the fixed controller, it's still cr@p.

    now i just need to know what type of connector i need for it.

    Explain. All of those drives RC listed are all standard 2.5" SATA drives. There isn't anything special you need to do in order to fit them in to the laptop.

    Assuming you don't have a ton of big apps (ie. CS5, Maya,etc) you will be fine with the 60GB OCZ Vertex 2.
  9. thank you all for helping me with this subject.... and i will of course post my choice of SSD when i am ready to order (black friday, or cyber monday).

    @ shadow, what is a JBOD... i know RAID 0 but not JBOD
  10. ^ JBOD = Just a Bunch Of Disks. Basically, it's just like a set of HDDs on a NON raid board.
  11. JBOD can be used to describe 'just a bunch of disks' like a normal SATA controller without RAID and multiple disks. But, more often, it is used to describe concatenation instead; essentially RAID0 without the striping part. No real advantages, though this is just like RAID: you use drivers to create one big volume out of multiple disks. It doesn't have much performance increase, if any.
  12. thats what i tought!! raid0 is in my mind for cheap performance on my desktop but then i thought.... if spend some money, just get a SSD for it!! still thinkin about SSD for the laptop... im keep my eyes open and hopefully can score something nice on EBAY!!....
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