How to retrieve existing netgear wireless router security password

I want to allow other computers & printers access to the wireless netgear router but I cannot recall the password (not the default password) and cannot find how to access this info or the control panel for the router that would give me access to this password. Any suggestions beyond resetting the router to the default and having to reinstall all of the info? Thanks.
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  1. Link a computer to the router by ethernet cable and type router IP address into address bar of your browser (usually or

    At login box User Name is admin.

    Default Password is password (though sometimes different for earlier Netgear models -- see manual).

    Password may have been changed from default by user, in which case reset is needed.

    Once in either write down or cut and paste the security passphrase and note security type. Also check that Access by List (include by MAC ID only) is not enabled.
  2. yeah it is looking like I will have to reset the password & reboot everything to get control over the wireless so we can provide access by other computers.

    Thanks for the info
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