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Hi, I'm a little worried about compatility with the existing system. Are these
connections and sizes typically universal? my system is 3-4 years old and i think it's a atx size case. I'm looking to stick with 32bit xp. does that create problems on a 64bit processor? Thanks for any help.

phenom x3 720 - foxconn a79a-s mb


Thermaltake 600w psu

4gig(2x2) kingston 1066

p.s i switched out my graphics card once, is all installation that easy or should i take it somewhere?
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  1. Computers and connectors are all standardized .

    There are changes from generation to generation , like the number of power connectors and their type on the power supply but you will be fine with your picks .

    Assembling computers is easy , but you need to take a few basic precautions hen you handle electronics . Get on google and search for tutorials about building computers
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