Phenom II x3 2.6Ghz vs Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz


good day,

Currently I've have the choice of buying this two CPu at the exaxt same price.

I've always been a fan of AMD

The Phenom also has a higher L2 speed, and despite the lower Ghz, it is triple core.

However I've read that Core 2 Duo's are better for o/clocking and are better engineered.

Currently, I've know idea which m/board wouls set both CPU best.

Given a $800-1000 budget which motherboard and cpu combo would suit me best?


The system would be a gaming rig.

thank you
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  1. why not get a 720 BE with that budget? it'll clock to 3.6GHz-4GHz which will be about the same as the E7400 will clock to.

    and you get an extra core aswell.
  2. The 710 should oc over 3ghz (no promises remember) which is plenty given that budget cause you can't exactly get a 285 or 4890. but the Phenom II is an awesome gaming chip. My 720 @ 3.3ghz and north bridge at 2.7 is a fantastic gaming cpu for the $200AU i paid for it. i have no experience on the intel side as i have always owned AMD.

    Question tho, what games that you play will use that extra core?

    +1 AMD
  3. thanks for the advice

    however what's the mobo options?

    haven't been in the "scene" for a while.
  4. "Question tho, what games that you play will use that extra core? "

    I mostly play strategy games, occasional FPS

    plus waiting for Diablo 3

    I don't think the CPU usage would be too intensive

    but I would like to be future ready

    previously I'm a graphic designer
    when I have the time I still do graphic design as a hobby

    but I think most system should able to handle that
  5. Strategy games typically like extra cores, so the X3 would be handy for that. Plus if you use fairly recent graphic design software it's probably multithreaded to. The 720 BE is a nice chip.
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