Is my PSU My problem???

ok so last month on the 19th i had bought all the items needed to build my own pc. after i installed all of the components and booted it up everything was fine.

my setup is as follows :
GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H Motherboard,
2x 2gig OCZ High Performance Ram,
AMD Athlon 7850 2.8Ghz Dual Core Processor,
Sony DVD+RW Drive,
Western Digital 500GB SATA Drive,
LOGISYS PS650U12 650w atx Power Supply
ATI Radeon HD 2900XT Graphics card.

ok so this is what has happened sofar. I installed all of my drivers and such for the video cards. and after a few minuets of using the computer it restarts itself. so i open up the case and make sure everything is connected. close the case back up and start it back up and after a while it does it again. So i removed the video card to just test if the power supply was not good enough for the card but the computer still restarts by itself randomly. i could be watching a movie, surfing the web, playing a game basically doing anything and it restarts every now and then. I have already gone into windows settings and disable restart if system failure and it still restarts. i have also noticed that if i touch or tap the PSU while it is running it will cause a system restart.

Info and advice is much appreciated.

thanks much.
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  1. Seems to me you have answered your own question.
    But check the obvious first: Remove and replace ALL the wiring connectors to be certain they are all fully seated, this includes the power cable.
    Download Speedfan and Rivatuner and use them to check the CPU and video card temperatures. CPU idle 30-40C Card 50-60C idle CPU load under 60C Card under 85C although the 2900 did run hot and noisy.
    Then replace the PSU with something worthwhile.
  2. yea seems my cpu idol is around 41C or so and the card isnt installed and i have gone through and checked all of the cables and all is clear. so i guess the next step is to return my psu for a refund and buy another one.
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