Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B orientation on I7-950

Am I correct in seeing the orientation of the heatpipes to the front and back of case? That seems to me to put the longer axis of the heat sink plate at a 90 degree angle to the longer axis of the cpu. I suppose it's plenty large enough to make good contact.
Also wondering if I should get some Arctic Silver 5 TIM in place of what is provided with the HS. Do you concur with Arctic's instructions to lay a line of TIM down center and let hs spread it?
Have idle temps with the stock fan of 38-44, 0 & 2 cores running hotter. I had to shut down Prime 95 when temps jumped up in mid 80s and climbing.
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  1. Thanks, but that doesn't show a 1366 socket application or address Arctic's suggested methods of application:

    I hope to hear suggestions from someone who has used this cooler on this socket and whether I'm seeing the orientation correctly. It's going on a Gigabyte X58A-UDR3.

    Seeing that Arctic MX-3 is a good TIM...
  2. Found this xbitlabs article
    that says they found a 3 degree C lower temp with the heat pipes running across the heat spreader just like the install drawing shows. Guess that answers that question.

    Now if I can settle on a TIM. Masscools Shin-Etsu MicroSi G751 topped Benchmark's year old test but has moderate viscosity, Artic Silver 5(maybe it's old but it) came in second only it has the long break in period, there's Arctic Cooling's MX-2 that seems to have quite a following and is thin viscosity and I suspect easy to apply and OCZ Freeze was .1 degree cooler than MX-2. No more than a half degree difference in their performance so it seems to be a case of whatever floats your boat!
  3. No one else has any experience placing the Scythe Mugen rev B on a socket 1366?

    Emailed Scythe and a response said the diagram was wrong, but they didn't respond to my second email about xbitlab's findings.

    I've got some OCZ Freeze and am fixing to install soon. Since the antec 300 has the opening I'm going to lay it over and try installing with the mb in place.
  4. Quote:
    good idea with the AS5 as a replacement/upgrade, do that first..

    I'm using the OCZ Freeze. It's proven marginally better than AS5 in all the tests I've reviewed and has a lower electrical capacitance. Did you read past my first post?
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