Old Mobo xfx 680i LT

I have an older xfx680iL MOther board with a Newer gtx260 video card. My question is would i gain anything by uprgading to a newer chipset? 790 or 750? I would gain ddr3 support just wondering if there area any other benefits.
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  1. any upgrade would be minimal at best.
    Maybe a newer board has more room for OC (i've got a 570 chipset and i do fine)
    I wouldn't waste money a new board until you need a different socket, or PCI configuration
  2. i consider the 680iLT, as "the board that got away". either that or my p35, i stuck out with the p35

    ddr3 wont get you any benefit videogame-wise. even if there is, its negligible because of the price.
  3. You might get better overclockability with a P45.
    If you are not having any problems, I would stick with what you have.
  4. thanks for the help!!1
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