Windows 7 only sees one core in celeron m 530?

I just bought an AOpen miniPC that came with an Intel Celeron M 530, I installed Windows 7 RC x86 on the machine. However when I look at system resources I only see on core being reconized. I have the latest BIOS for my model. Any help? Thanks.
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  1. I can't seem to click on the link you provided. However Tom's Hardware says the 530 is a dual core.,3495.html

    I read Intel's site yesterday and they seem to address the celerons as dual core processors. Where am I getting confused? Thanks.

    Edit: Sorry I cut and pasted your link and got to the site. I see what you are talking about. I guess my question is then, how can I maximize the performance of this cpu and why the conflicting TH new article? Thanks.
  2. link to the article?

    you can't really do anything to add performance of that CPU since it's a mobile processor. you could exchange the HDD for a nice fast SSD though which would help with loading times.

    here is the link to the Tom's Hardware Article. The processor is a 64bit processor, so would I see a performance boots by using the 64bit version of windows 7? Thanks for your help.
  4. ^ no, unless you have more than 4GB of ram total.

    and I guess the tom's article was incorrect about them being dual cores because everything on intel's site says they are single cores.

    edit: infact, I have one of the 530's in an old laptop so I know it's a single core first hand.
  5. It was a bundle deal that cost practically nothing, just trying to optimize as much as possible. That article from Tom's was misleading, oh well. Anyone know of a good, cheap replacement processor? The motherboard takes memron processors.
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