Generic PSU?

My old computer's 300W PSU just recently burned out. I don't want to shell out a whole load of money so I went looking on newegg and saw this.

Linkworld LPJ2-23-P4 430W ATX12V Power Supply:

I just want to know if this cheap PSU is reliable or is it just a cheap "generic" PSU. Concluding from the reviews it seems both sides has something to say so I'm not going to follow and rather, see if you guys can varify this for me.
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  1. Linkworld is a tier 5 unit on this list:

    Look for Antec FSP or corsair for something cheap and decent.
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    lol! A $12 PSU is very questionable.

    This is the ABSOLUTE cheapest PSU I will use (only and only if I was forced to):
    TT 430W. $24 after MIR

    Rosewill $25. Both of these are MUCH better compaired to the Linkworld.


    Btw, I'm using the TT PSU on a cheap Atom build I have and as a lab PSU to power my LEDs,etc.
  3. Thanks for the list geofelt, it is very helpful and it should aid me into finding a good reliable PSU. True, Shadow703793, a $12 PSU is very questionable thats why I came here. Anyway I'll keep searching.
  4. Sheesh! I'm surprised that newegg is selling these. I mean, how are they making any money? There just can't be much markup.

    I have seen a cheaper one here in Saudi Arabia. A couple years ago, one of the stores downtown was selling a 250 watt generic for 40 Saudi riyals - about $10.70 US.
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