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Hi, my old hard drive crashed so I replaced it with a Western Digital 1TB. Got it installed it's recognized in BIOS so I figured I'd put Windows 7 on the machine. I put the disk in and it starts up normally until you get to the stage where the Windows 7 install prompt should pop up, and all it says is "Disk Boot Failure, Please Insert System Disk And Press Enter.

I've gone in to BIOS and messed with the boot priority and that doesn't help. Weird thing is a Windows Vista Recovery Disc I have loads up fine, but I can't install from that disc.

I'm not near my computer right now but I know its an ASUS Motherboard other than that I'll have to look when I get home.

Any Ideas? I've been without a computer for a couple of weeks now because of this.
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  1. Is it an original copy of Windows 7 ?

    Maybe you dvd drive has issues
  2. Go into your bios and change the boot order from CD drive to HDD. Does it post?

    Try to format it and do it again. If u cant, use LiveCD.
  3. Its a brand new full copy of Windows 7. The DVD Drive will boot the recovery disc though. I've changed the boot order and that hasn't helped. How would I format the HDD without an OS? And what is LiveCD?
  4. It is simple LiveCD boots into RAM and it looks like simple windows with lots of tools. U format it from there. Can u burn CD?
  5. The above method is the best idea:

    1. Download the image and burn it to CD (i.e. burnaware)
    2. Insert the CD and boot the computer
    3. Look for and run one or more hard drive DIAGNOSTIC programs to see if your hard drive is damaged
    4. FORMAT the drive to NTSC

    If this doesn't help there are other options.

    Western Digital diagnostics on a system with Windows already installed:
    1. Install the Western Digital software
    2. Locate folder, right-click the main EXE file and enable "run as administrator" (or it won't run. Sigh.)
    3. Install the hard drive (no need to screw it on. can just sit on a pile of books and connect the power and data cable.)
    4. Start Windows.
    5. Run the WD Diagnostics-> Quick test
  6. if you can't install the windows 7 using your dvd rom try to install the windows 7 using flash drive make sure your flash drive is more than 4g hope it works..
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