I get about 100mbs with my Seagate ext. HDD which is esata.

I have a newer Seagate Ext.Hdd and I use the esata connection. Anyway I get about 100 mb per sec. is this about right for a 1tb ext seagate hdd? I have a Dell and it seems I have a bunch of raid drivers/software but it only came with one 1tb hdd WD Black Caviar and I was wondering there is no way to use raid 0 with a single hdd right? I guess Dell installs everything on their pc even if you didn't get the hardware because I also have a TV tuner driver installed but no tv tuner.
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    RAID is for multiple harddrives; you just have a single harddrive connected via eSATA. 100MB/s is great performance, USB2 is limited to 22MB/s or so.
  2. Thanks for your answers I guess Dell uses the same factory image with every possible driver for their systems even if you don't config. with two hdd at purchase you still get the useless drivers for raid and tv turner. Also the 100mbs is from my external 1tb Seagate hooked up thru esata.
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