How do i get the max speed of my memory with my MoBo

i just put a new AMD Phenom II X4 955, new 700W powersupply, and new heatsink and fan in my system.

Asus M4A78-EM mobo, 2 x 2GB Corsair PC2 8500/1066MHz everything is working except my memory is being read at 6400/400MHz. i went into the bios and the Dram speed options are 200MHz - 533MHz.

i checked it with AMD OverDrive and CUPID CPU-Z. i cant figure out how to get the memory upto the 1066MHz and i also wanna know if i can OC it to 1200MHz.

also my cpu bus speed is 200.6MHz and the HT Link is at 2005.7. im sure those are to be faster as well.

my computer is running much slower than my previous cpu.

PLEASE help.
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  1. In the BIOS, configure to 533MHz, is dual channel so, 533MHz x 2 = 1066MHz. In the DDR MEMORY FREQUENCY, select 1:2:1 or 1:2:3...i'm not sure which is it. Only put the memory to 533MHz and your "problem" could be solve.
  2. Also, look at the RAM specs and see what voltage is stated. Set MB to deliver that voltage and it may come up immediately at 1066. Compare the RAM specs on mfg website to what is reported in CPUz in SPD.
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