Unstable even at factory settings?

After overclocking for some time, I found out my PC has seen many problems surfacing. Hence I decided to return to normal settings so that I can play my games safely. End up.. even as I return to original settings, my PC experienced blue screens, auto reset, com hang.. in fact more than when I overclock.

Does the problem lies in me overclocking? or Is it because of other reasons?
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  1. Need more info... Much more! What is your hardware (be specific)? How did you overclock? Could be bad PSU, memory... How did your stress testing shape up (memtest, prime95, etc.)?
  2. Hmm lets see..

    Mobo Biostar TA790GX3 A2+
    CPU Phenom II X4 920
    GFX Powercolor HD4850
    Mem 2 x 2gb ram

    I'm not sure what other info I'm supposed to give.

    And.. oops. it's a must to stress test for ocing? Guess I haven't been reading up enough. So. yea, i didnt test at all, but after OCing i can still run games and apps smoothly and errors occur perhaps... once in 2 days..
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