Help me with fans/cpu cooling

So can i just buy 10 of these since its so cheap and add them to an external psu without plugging them into the mb? just use the 4 pin connector on them in the picture? i just want them to run at a 100% i could care less for fan control...

Also if someone could help me find the best cpu cooler for my amd 6000+ windor...i want cheap but i don't want to sacrifice for something not to cheap and not to crappy...thanks

BTW its an AM2 mb...
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  1. Yes, you could, but why would you?

    The cooling gains would be minimal and the noise would be unbearable.
  2. The cooling gains would only be minimal if i actually had decent fans in the pc? yeah

    And the noise would only be audible if my room wasn't already filled with fan noise...mhmmm

    Im thinking 10 of these and i can run half along with a new cpu cooler...
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