Raid 0, worth it ?

I currently have a 1tb green WD.
But I saw on ncix that they had a deal on Seagate 500gb for 36 $.
So i tought about using raid 0 to gain on performance and keep the 1tb to storage.
Worth it ?
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  1. To me, RAID 0 just means that you have 2 opportunities for a device to fail and lose data.

    If you really want speed in a PC (you didn't mention where the drive was installed), get a 60GB SSD for your boot/windows/program drive and store everything else on a 2nd drive.

    Whether you see any performance boost from RAID 0 depends highly upon what you are doing with the drive.

  2. Its for my personnal PC, mainly gaming.
    Wow and BF:BC2 for the moment.
    I dont care about the risk of losing data, I will only have program on it.
    All my data will go on another HDD.
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