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I have a new computer running windows 7 64 bit and I connect to the internet via verizon mifi 2200 mobile broadband card. I want to make my desk top wifi capable so i can use more than 1 computer at a time the mifi is capable of 5 users but only if i connect wirelessly I have tried 2 different usb adapters with no luck tech dept. at netgear said it was because they have no usb adapters compatible with win 7 64 bit. Can any1 tell me a specific usb adapter that will work with win 7 64 bit. the microsoft web site has lots of suggestion but not lots of help if u dont understand tech lingo.
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  1. just bought a netgear wg111 adapter and also connect through a mifi verizon card. connects to the internet when pc starts up, and can't disconnect from internet,every time i try to use vz manager, the wireless adapter has reconnected the connection through the mifi card without without using the the verizon software. i don't want it to stay connected when not it use, but don't want to have to disconnect usb adapter every time to disconnect from internet
  2. dlink dwa 160!
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