Possible AVG virus

downloaded a trial version of AVG security and now I have a window which opens and will not let me close it out. It says I am not authorized to "close" program. Anyone experienced this before? If so, how did you get rid of it?
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  1. have you try to install the program...and it says you can't run it.....if that you must have admin privilege to do so....have you logged in using admin account...please reply....
  2. Try to run as an administrator first if that does'nt work, uninstall and reinstall from grisofts website. You might have to use a tool to remove it.
  3. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
  4. I had a similar issue mine was with uninstalling the program. Ended up having to use Revo uninstaller. Changed to Avast afterwards no problems since. Have had multiple issues with the newest free AVG.
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