Best CPU Water block?

Hey... looking to get a waterblock for my i7 920 for some good overclocking. My loop will have the cpu, two gpus, 2 radiators and the DDC 3.25 pump. Any suggestions? Currently looking at the following ones:

Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme
Heatkiller Rev 3.0
EK Supreme HF Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Rev 2 - Nickel
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    This are top rated blocks ,you should take into consideration-performance,build quality, esthetics,price
    There is no such a thing as Best Cpu Block
    cuplex kryos XT
    KL 360
    EK HF
    Heatkiller 3.0
    Apogee XT

    some of this blocks are older REV. and have been improved
    look in to nikel plated blocks
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