Crash after wrong driver install, options?

Hello everyone! Ok, I had an HP Pavillion with an ASUS A8M2N-LA board. Recently bricked it. Bought another board, it died after a couple I bought a gaming Rig a guy built that fit my needs. It had no OS, so I removed my 250Gb HD and installed it in place of the 500Gb of the new set up. Called Microsoft, got a reactivation code and booted up my old XP from the HP. Added my GTX 550Ti card as well. Was greated with some errors and such when Windows was intializing. And I figured as much as the new mobo and chipset were completely different than the ASUS board, etc.

So, I went into hardware manager in XP as the ethernet cable wasn't working, and a couple of yellow question marks were found indicating some hardware wasn't installed, including my ethernet cable and 2nd DVD drive. At the top of the list was the processor icon I believe (pretty sure that's what I clicked on) then I clicked the next icon and *THOUGHT* I was updating the chipset driver. I ended up getting that blue screen that flashes with text extremely FAST then it just shutsdown. I've tried restarting but everytime that screen flashes (there is a bunch of text but it flashes SO fast I can't read it) then it shutsdown to reboot. I tried taking video of it to freeze frame and the best I can read is it's saying "If this screen appears again......disable any newly installed.....bios memory options such as caching or......safemode to remove or disable components... That's all I can make out with my tiny LCD screen on my camera. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

1. Can't boot Windows now.

2.Can't boot ANY of the Safe Modes.

3.Can't Restore to a Previously Good Set up as it gets to the XP splash screen, but the progress loading bar just loops. I left it alone for an hour and it never made it passed that screen.

4. Hitting F11 WON'T bring up the HP recovery Partition, rather it just brings up Safe Mode, etc.

5. My Recovery Partition still exists. As I can get into the DOS like environment where I can choose my main Hard Drive C: or D:, and hitting "HELP" brings up stuff like CHKDSK, COPY, ETC.

So, I'd ideally like to undo or fix the mistake with the wrong driver update, but everything is fighting me every inch of the way LOL. Any suggestions as to where my F11 access to my partined drive went? I never got XP discs from HP, but I DO own a legit copy. Would the discs be my only hope to repair the driver mess up? Are there any work arounds to getting my partioned drive's "Windows repair .exe" to run from the partioned drive to fix driver errors? Or does anyone know the name of the .exe to start the driver repair? And what steps to take to start it in DOS environment? I'm pretty sure the option was there before the mobo swap as I remember at times going into the menu for it to repair drivers individually.

If you have any insight to share, plz be somewhat thorough as I might not understand if everything get's abbreviated. Also, I've tried numerous searches already and as you can see non of them worked in my cenario. I DO have a fully unlocked BIOS, and everything up until the Windows Splash screen still loads like it should. Hopefully this was thorough enough that some of you PRO'S can have some concrete advice.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600 2.41 Ghz

AMDII 3.0 Ghz

can't remember chip specifics at the moment as it's a new chip to me.
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  1. Also, As another option.... I have the blank 500GB HD, **IF** I loaded another OS onto that HD, had it BOOT 1st, *COULD* I go into the 250GB HD and cherry pick files or programs like you can with a USB flash stick? Like if I got UNBUNTU on the 500GB HD, then went into the 250GB drive, copied important files and games etc. Can that work? How would I access the 250GB HD without it tring to load the Windows set up? That might be ideal for me as I could then ask Microsoft to mail XP recovery discs to save XP on the 250GB drive, but in the meantime, still use the 500GB drive. This has been a nighmare and a half the last 12 days as it's one thing after another :( I just want to get my files and use my computer LOL. Thx for reading guys/gals. BTW, I'm forced to use my stupid PS3's HORRID OS.......I'm in PAIN :|
  2. Found this on a Chinese site and it seems to fit with my screen that pops up then shuts off. Can't follow the site due to being Chinese though, but gives a better sample:

    "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damageto your computer.The problem seems to be caused by the following file: win32k.sysKERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDIf this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen,restart your computer. If this screen appears again, followthese steps:Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed.If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturerfor any Windows updates you might need.If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardwareor software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restartyour computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and thenselect Safe Mode.Technical Information"

    So, would disabling any of the BIOS caching like it's saying actually help the cause? This should be a simple fix, but it's utterly riduculous that it causes a crash like this without any kind of warning in advance or the ability to reverse. Heck, changing resolution gives a 20sec out to return it to before, cut stuff dealing with the processor doesn't? Just stupid.
  3. BTW, the error supplied above probably isn't the same as my error. It was just a copy and paste added to give insight. Thanks-
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    You need serious help. Download a 160MB file I have tucked away for just such occasions. It is an "ISO" file to make a new CD with. Burn new CD with a program that properly handles an ISO and then boot computer with that new CD.

    It is not a fast booting program and part-way through it will try to set up network hardware. At that point you can click to skip networking and proceed with the boot/load. After a couple of minutes you will be presented with a screen to allow you to log-on to a found XP install. Choose your XP and proceed. There is a system restore function you can use as well as many other valuable features.

    Good Luck.

    Filename: "2005" (Posted by me) Get it
  5. Thank YOU so much for sharing that tigsounds! I never heard of that program before. You have no idea how much time I've spent trying to figure something out. I had to buy a $40 Gateway as a junker to help, and didn't realize when it had Windows Me, that I wouldn't be able to download/use 90% of what I came across. Only by SHEER luck was I able to make a disc to boot from. Unfortunately I can't use the restore function. I was able to get look around though.

    But I can't update drivers, or rather I need to rollback the one I screwed up the settiings for. If you go into "your" Hardware Mananger, what is the very 1st device at the top of the list? This was the one I messed up. Yours is probably different, but maybe it could give me an idea of what to narrow down?

    The Error Event ID I've been getting when it shuts down is 1003. I'm going to keep trying with the disc in the meantime, haven't been too lucky with getting results :(
  6. My first device on the list is "Computer" and is "ACPI Muliprocessor PC" in sub category. The files listed as drivers are

    I think is see that you downloaded and made the CD I linked to. It has a system Restore function under "System" but it can only do a restore point rollback if there is one to restore to.

    Otherwise you really need an XP installation CD and do a Repair install.
    Boot the PC with the install disk and select to install XP initially, it will look around and find the installed system and then offer to do a repair, or a whole new install, with format and all that. Choose to repair your XP at that point. It will load all files needed and appear to be doing a new install but eventually will finish and re-start with your install of XP fixed.

    If successful, you still need to re-install all updates, Direct x 9, Net.Framework.
  7. I just want to thank you again tigsounds for taking time to help. In the end, I was able to get the recovery from the partition to work, then get Windows fixed. Thankfully all important files were saved. Oddly enough, after doing this I got the "Code Purple" due to HP being @#!@'s . But I was able to use Winternals to remove "" so I was able to finish setup. I say this is odd because after the mobo swap, I only had to reactivate XP, but could still access everything. The HP "boobie trap" didn't kick in until after XP was reverted to a factory install.

    Anyways, just adding this so others might be saved from BS in the future as I've had several days of straight up walking into wall after wall as nothing was working for me. If you ever get a "Code Purple", you'll need to use a Bootable CD like Winternal or similar (or piggyback the drive on another computer as a "Slave" drive so that isn't booted off of), then search the (in my case it was C:) main drive with the search files option or whatever for "" (which is a python routine that gets called if the "tattoo" of the motherboard isn't the same as a factory setup). *Note* You want to delete the for the folder in the HP/BIN folder (compaq might be slightly different). After is gone, the system will boot and you can update drivers or whatever else you need so you can continue using what you paid for.
  8. Thanks for sharing that info, it is entered into my "the strange reasons XP won't run" database.
    Glad it all worked. Now make sure System Restore is turned on and is given all the disk space allowed.

  9. System Restore had been on. And it had a big chunk of memory dedicated to it. I think the swapping of the mobo to a completely different brand (ASUS to Biostar)is what prevented it from running as the Restore files WERE still there. Anyways, you're a champ as Winternals was very helpful even in a limited use situation. Now, time to get Acronis working and clone this drive to my 500Gb drive to avoid this nightmare in the future.
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