No Volume Bar/ Computer resets when I reinstall audio drivers

Whenever I enter sound and audio devices in control panel, everything under device volume and speaker settings in grayed out. I also have no volume bar on my taskbar; however i can control the volume settings if i go to sndvol32 in my windows folder.

I have tried going into device manager and trying to uninstall/disable my sound device, but every time I do the computer goes to black and resets itself before its done. When it comes back up the sound device is still there just as before and my sound settings are the same.

Under sound and audio devices my device is listed as EMU10kx Audio device [9000]. In device manager its called Creative EMU10k1 Audio Processor (WDM).

Please help if you can, thanks.
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  1. Do you have a sound card in your PC? If yes: what kind? and are your speakers plugged into it or not?

    What motherboard and cpu are you using, or what is the Brand and Model of your PC?
  2. I am guessing I have a sound card. I'm not sure how to check. I definetly have sound; like I said i have been able to control it through sndvol32.

    I have an AMD Athlon XP 2400+.
  3. One thing that i could make out from your post is that some of your sound drivers have got corrupted and it may be due top virus infected in your PC system, So clean up or format your PC and use Anitvirus and then install your sound drivers.

    Hope it works for you.

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