Higher ram timing without OC CPU

first here my setup
Phenom II x4 970
asus M4a77TD
mushkin 996826 1600 mhz 6-8-6-24
WD 640gb

i wanna know if i could only lower ram speed(i think mhz) and get tighter timing without OC ing the CPU if yes what would be the best timing and voltage
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  1. just want to know if i can overclock memory timing without overcloking the CPU
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    You can always adjust the timing regardless of running stock or overclocked. Lowest possible timings and voltage depends on the mobo and the ram, so telling you what to set them to might not work. Your best bet is to experiment a little.

    I can tell you it's generally safe to go .5 over the voltage they are rated at as long as you keep them cool.
  3. thank you and very sorry my english is bad my title should be lower ram timing and not higher....
  4. if any1 know some timing and voltage for this memory and my setup feel free to post it please ;)
  5. You haven't told us what the stock voltage is for the ram, how can we possible suggest anything until we know that a least. Try 6-6-6-18 and be prepare to know how to recover from a bad overclock, that's the price you pay for tweaking. If your system doesn't like the setting you'll just have to experiment to find the lowest stable timings like I said earlier. Also running 1T/1N is a bit of performance boost, but again your system may not like it. Experiment experiment experiment.

    I have my ddr3 running 5-5-5-15 1T timings, but not all ram and mobo combo's will handle that.
  6. voltage is 1.65v and i know how to recorver from bios and my mobo have bios recorvery i guess i should some experiment lol just dont wanna mess up everything just gathering all information before ;) and im at 1T atm from ehat CPU-z tell me what is the 1N for......? im a bit noob but im learning quick :) lol
  7. 1N is just another way of saying 1T
  8. thank you for everything Sportsfanboy
  9. ill experiment and get back
  10. NP GL
  11. only tried 2 timing 6-8-6 24 like it should run some1 told me to set it at the same timing that my mobo should usually do it auto... and it run perfectly and tried 5-6-5 20 and could do anything ill stick with 6-8-6 24 im happy with it
  12. when i first put the ram it was running at 133mhz 9-9-9 24........
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